Varaad, an unusual wedding (Babak Hashmi)

Varaad …an unusual wedding
Babar Rais Hashmi
India. 2015. 11 min.

Venue :  Centro Cultural Pilar Miró
21 may Thursday.  19.30

Varaad is a story of an unusual wedding, this film gives an insight to customs related to Indian wedding, not only marriage but it also highlights the social stigmas in a developing country.
“Varaad” depicts how prejudice is the driving force behind any decision made by tribal society in rural India, The foreground of this films is rural India and the customs related to marriage in the tribal communities, who speak a unique dialect, the crucial decisions are taken by local governing body i.e the “ Panchayat”, just the way this film has highlighted how the “Panchayat” decides whether a marriage is valid or not depending upon the brides’ virginity, if the bride is found to be a virgin on her first night then the couple can continue their marriage, if not they annul the marriage. The film ends in a very heart touching note where love overpowers all stigmas and prejudice.