EK AFRIKANER (Annalet Steenkamp)

Annalet Steenkamp.  93 min.  2013
South Africa

Venue :  Intermediae el Matadero
21 may Thursday.  18.00

Follows four generations of South African Boers as they grapple with their identity as white farmers in a post-Apartheid  South Africa.

I, Afrikaner, is the filmmaker’s journey into trying to understand her family’s unbreakable connection to the land. Set in rural South Africa, where land issues are contentious, it is about returning home and seeing everything familiar through new eyes. Following four
generations, it documents their response to change in an uncertain landscape. where land ownership is highly contentious and violence and racism are endemic.


Annalet Steenkamp is an established Camera Director and research fixer with firm roots in journalism and factual film-making. She is regularly involved in high profile documentaries for various international broadcasters.
She is based in Cape Town and is an accomplished story teller.
I, Afrikaner  is her first feature length documentary.