GARMON (Accordion)

Director:   Igor Savchenko.
Russia. 1934.  66 min. Musical comedy.
Cast :   Zoya Fyodorova, Pyotr Savin, Igor Savchenko.

Venue  :    Centro Ruso de Ciencia y Cultura
Date  :    17 may.   18.00 h

Igor Savchenko’s Accordion (Garmon) was adapted from a poem by A. Zharov. This film sheds light on the reasons why the mass song came into being. In it, the country boy Timosha stops playing the accordion after being chosen leader of the local Komsomol. When he understands that he must compete with the sad kulak songs played by Tlskliby (“Mournful”), he recognizes his mistake in abandoning his accordion, and in the end he gathers the other youths around him with his lively and merry songs.