Edition 2019


Black Kite (Tarique Qayumi)  Afganistan

The Delegation (Bujar Alimani)  Albania

Identity (Samuel Thivierge)  Canada

In the Shadows (Dipesh Jain)  India

3 Storeys (Arjun Mukerjee)  India

Kia and Cosmos (Sudipto Roy)  India

Kaamyaab (Hardik Mehta)  India

Kedara (Indraadip Das Gupta)  India

Bhayanakam (Jayaraj)  India

Lima  (Harvan Agustriansyah, Lola Amaria, Salahudin Siregar, Adriyanto Dewo, Tika Prameswari)  Indonesia

Appendix (Hossein Namazi)  Iran

Orange Days (Arash Lahooti)  Iran

Daha (Onur Saylak)  Turkey

The Third Wife (Ash Mayfair)  Vietnam


Masala Chai (Marco Hülser)  Germany

Letters from Kurdistan (Reber Dosky)  Iraq

Purdah (Jeremy Guy)  India, USA

Decoding Shankar (Deepti Pillai Sivan)  India

The Death of Us (Vani Subramanian)  India

India,s Healing Forests (Nitin Das)  India

Tales From Our Childhood (Mukul Haloi)  India

We, the people (Samarth Mahajan)  India

Mrinal Sen, an Era in Cinema (Rajdeep Paul)  India

The Way (Olesya Shigina / Veronica Ponomareva)  Russia / France


3 Year 3 month Retreat (Dechen Zangmo)  Bhutan

Into the Blue (Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic)  Croatia

Aakrosh (Princy Pal)  India. (SRFTI)

Bhagavati (Aakash Nagraj Yankannavar)  India. (SRFTI)

Boundary (Gaurav Puri)  India. (SRFTI)

A Glow Worm in a Jungle (Ramana Dumpala)  India. (FTII)

A Letter to Home (Mukul Haloi)  India. (FTII)

Palaayan (Madahav Chandra Sai)  India. (FTII)

Ghayta (Pratik Girish Bhoyar)  India. (FTII)

Bebaak (Shazia Iqbal)  India

Written By? (Kankana Chakraborty)  India

Let some clouds float in (Mayuresh Gotkhindikar)  India

The Peanut Seller (Etienne Sievers) India / Germany

Tara versus (Ayesha Anna Ninan)  India

Shame (Anusha Bose)  India

An Essay of The Rain (Nagraj Manjule)  India

Gadhul (Ganesh Shelar)  India

Malai (Sarmistha Maiti, Rajdeep Paul)  India

The Lovers (Preeti Singh)  India

Burning (V. S. Sanoj)  India

I, Reborn (Manoj Michigan)  India

Manicure (Arman Fayyaz)  Iran

Soap and Water (Francesco Cocco)  Spain

Rag Doll (Roberto Montalbo)  Spain

Donde no puedes llegar (Marc Nadal)  Spain

I have nothing to say (Liang Ying)  Taiwan / Hong Kong

Storyteller (Anil Güldogan)  Turkey

Graduation Year 97 (Pavlo Ostrikov)  Ukraine


The Flight

The Bait



Vasthuhara (Govindan Aravindan)  India

Piravi (Shaji N. Karun)  India

Olu (Shaji N. Karun)  India

Bhayanakam (Jayaraj)  India

Vellapokkathil (Jayaraj)  India

Ottaal (Jayaraj)  India


Harvest Time


Not My Job 


Khandhar (Mrinal Sen)  India

Vasthuhara (Govindan Aravindan)  India

Spring on Zarechnaya Street (Marlene Khutsiyev)  Russia


Letters from Kurdistan (Reber Dosky)  Holland

Unwanted (Edon Rizvanolli)  Kosova / Holland

Not My Job (Denis Shabaev)  Russia

Daha (Onur Saylak)  Turkey

Side A Side B (Rahat Kazmi)  India

Vasthuhara (Govindan Aravindan)  India


Light in the Room (Rahul Riji Nair)  India

Life of an Outcast (Pawan K. Shrivastava)  India

Decoding Shankar (Deepti Pillay Sivan)  India

Newton (Amit Masurkar)  India

Side A Side B (Rahat Kazmi)  India

Unwanted (Edon Rizvanolli)  Kosova / Holland

I am crazy (Kudo Masaaki)  Japan

On the Edge (Aldiyar Bairakimov)  Kazakhstan

Bad Bad Winter (Olga Korotko)  Kazakhstan

Shooting a Dark Horse (Pablo Fuentes Fernández)  Spain

Earth (Visakesa Chandrasekaram)  Sri Lanka


C/ Marqués de Casa Riera 4

C/ Cigarreras 6

C/ Doctor Fourquet 18

C/ Miguel Ángel 33

C/ Mayor 69

Calle de Fuencarral 125


Hanna Polak (Poland)

Hanna Polak

Hanna Polak is a Polish director, filmmaker and producer. For her short documentary, Leningradsky’s Children, about a community of homeless children living in the Leningradsky train station in Moscow, she was nominated for an Academy Award and an Emmy Award.

Shady Srour (Israel)

Shady Srour

Shady Srour is a an actor, screenwriter, director and producer for Film, Theatre and TV. He graduated from Tel-Aviv University and from the Academy of Art University. Srour was involved in the film 24 HOURS JERUSALEM (ARTE) and played the Lead in the Oscar-nominated short film, AVE MARIA. His film HOLY AIR screened at Tribeca FF.

Mehdi Rahmani (Iran)

Mehdi Rahmani

Iranian director and producer who was born in 1979.He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Iranian Cinema and Broadcasting university-Tehran as a director and made 18 short films and documentaries.

He started to make feature film from 2009 and made 4 feature films as a director and produced 3 feature films and participated in many film festivals around the world and won prizes such as Best Children Feature Film in Asia Pacific Awards, Best Film in Avanca Film Festival, Jury prize in IBBAF Film Festival, Best documentary in Noor Film Festival and many more.

Ruchika Oberoi (India)

Ruchika Oberoi

Ruchika Oberoi is a screenwriter and film director based in Mumbai. Her debut feature film ISLAND CITY premiered at Venice Days, 72nd Venice Film Festival (2015), winning the FEDEORA Award for Best Debut Director. The film travelled to over 30 International
Film Festivals, including Karlovy Vary, Tallinn Black Nights, Stockholm, Cairo, Warsaw and Beijing.She won the Best Screenplay award at the New York Indian Film Festival and the Best Director award at ImagineIndia Film Festival, Madrid.  She was nominated for the Transilvania Trophy at Transilvania International Film  Festival, Romania and for Best Film at Bratislava, Slovakia.
She was also nominated for Best Debut Director at the Filmfare and Star Screen Awards in India.

Indrani Bose (India)

Indrani Bose

Deputy Director at Directorate of Film Festivals. Responsible for Indian Section in IFFI.

Shankar Mohan (India)

Shankar Mohan

A professional filmmaker, Mohan has been part of the DFF for 24 years. While holding charges as joint director in DFF, Mohan had been made director of the annual IFFI which is held in Goa every year.

In March 2011, was designated as the Director, the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa, in recognition of his over two decades of work in IFFI, and as part of the Up- gradation schemes of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. Successfully organised IFFI as its Director in Goa for four years, until December, 2014 when he retired from Government service.

Chandrashekhar Joshi (India)

Chandrashekhar Joshi

FTII media officer. PhD in indian cinema noir. Mr Joshi has served as Film Research Officer at Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune for 13 years since 2005. He has also been the Executive Editor for Lensight, an academic journal published by the FTII since 2008.

Sougata Bhattacharyya (India)

Sougata Bhattacharyya

Writer and filmmaker, is a postgraduate in Film Studies from Jadavpur University. He did academic research on studio system of Bengali Cinema, more specifically, 100 years of Aurora Studio, supported by SARAI, CSDS, NewDelhi. He is the writer of several research articles and also a story book titled ‘Sahanagarik’. At present he is the Film Research Officer of Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata. He is the editor of one annual research journal ‘SRFTI Taake One’. He produced several television programme from 1998 to 2003 and then nonfictions for NGOs. His documentary ‘Trash’ (2013) won best film, NETPAC Jury award in 13 ISIFF, Dhaka and also won ‘Special Jury’ mention in 7th IDSFFK. His recent film ‘An Iconic Genius’s (2018) won best science film in 16IFF, Jaipur.

Anjali Monteiro (India)

Anjali Monteiro

Anjali Monteiro is a Professor at the School of Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Masters degree in Economics and a Ph.D. in Sociology. She is involved in documentary production, media teaching and research. She teaches courses in documentary and video production as well as theoretical approaches to image making practices and has done pioneering and innovative work in critical media education with various groups including activists, school and college students, parents and teachers.

Olga Khlasheva (Kazakhstan)

Olga Khlasheva

Since 1997 has worked in film industry: at Kazakhfilm Studios JSC (as head of international relations / promotion of Kazakh films), at Eurasia International Film festival (since its creation in 1998) and as film producer (including international promotion of full-length features by Adilkhan Yerzhanov, e.g. his recent film “The gentle indifference of the world” premiered at Un Certain Regard/Cannes IFF-2018).

APSA Academy Member (Best Producer Nomination for the films “Owners” and “The gentle indifference of the world” by Adilkhan Yerzhanov, in 2014 and 2018 respectively).

Féliz Sabroso Cruz (Spain)

Félix Sabroso

Screenwriter and Spanish film director, Felix Sabroso Cruz is known for his work for several television networks, as well as for the feature films directed along with the screenwriter and director, Dunia Ayaso.

Javier Aguirresarobe (Spain)


Obtained the diploma in Optics, initiated studies of Journalism. Later he entered the Official School of Cinema, where he coincided with Imanol Uribe, Ángel Luis Fernández and Julio Madurga, among others. He graduated in 1973.

His first feature was What does a girl like you in a place like this? by Fernando Colomo (1978). In his beginnings he worked a lot with Imanol Uribe and Montxo Armendáriz, which gave him great popular recognition in the Basque Country.

Andrés de la Torre (Spain)

Andres de la Torre

Born and raised in Madrid, Andres started his career as a video editor in one of the leading production companies in Spain, MediaPro. His true passion, though, was always to compose music for film. His first feature as a composer, “Going Nuts” (2006), had a theatrical release and was the first film in the world to feature peanuts as the main characters. The score earned Andres national recognition with the Ateneo Coste Cero Award in 2008 for Best Soundtrack. Shortly after, Andres wrote the music for the Spanish-North American co-production “Disney: Through the Looking Glass” (2010), a score that earned him his first Jerry Goldsmith Award after 5 years of consecutive nominations.

Piluca Baquero (Spain)

Piluca Baquero

She studied Information Sciences Advertising Branch in ceu san pablo valencia
Previous: El Armelar and Luis Vives, Valencia
She works at Camilo José Cela University, Executive Producer and Archivo Val del Omar. Previously in MasterD Group and Technicolor Thomson Group

Juan Echanove (Spain)

Juan Echanove

He studied law and entered the School of Dramatic Arts in Madrid. In 1986 he participated in the film Time of Silence, where he became known, and as a result of that he obtained the role of Cosme in the series Turno de oficio, in which he achieved certain notoriety.

Thanks to his success, he was called to an important number of films, including Divinas palabras (1987), for which he won the Goya Award for the best male performance of the cast. In this title they followed Bajar al moro, A solas contigo or La noche más larga. In television he starred in 1991 today’s Girls, with which he got a Silver Frames.

Alfonso Pindado (Spain)

Alfonso Pindado

The founder of the historic theatres “Cuarta Pared” and “Triángulo” and one of the referents of the Spanish alternative theater, Alfonso Pindado (Aveinte-Ávila-, 1953).

Rusudan Glurjidze (Georgia)

Rusudan Glurjidze

Rusudan Glurjidze was born in 21 July 1972, in Tbilisi, Georgia.

She graduated in French Language and Literature from the Tbilisi State University and from 1990 to 1996 studied Film Directing and Screenwriting at Giorgi Shengelaia’s class at the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film University.

The House of Others also won the Grand Prix at the 12th Eurasia international film Festival 2016, The Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) as The Best Asian Film and the Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF) 2016 as Cinema Extraordinaire.

The House of Others by Rusudan Glurjidze is Georgia’s candidate in the 89th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.

Airat Iamilov (Russia)


Before starting a filmmaking, Ayrat spent five years as a study in St. Petersburg state Institute of film and television in the workshop of such teachers Eduard Rozovsky and Sergey Astakhov. After successful completion in 2013, worked a lot on short films. And in 2015 Ayrat debut film “Sofijka” directed by Kira Kovalenko. Filming took place in Abkhazia on the story of Fazil Iskander.

In 2017, the second picture “Malchyk russkiy” was shot about the events of the World War I. Directed by Alexander Zolotukhin. The premiere took place at the Berlin film festival in 2019. In December 2018, the shooting of the third film under the working title “Palmyra”was completed. At the moment there is a post-production.


BEST FILM :     DAHA (Turkey)  Onur Seylak

BEST DIRECTION :   Ash Mayfair (Vietnam) The Third Wife

BEST ACTOR :  Renji Panicker  (India)  Bhayanakam

Special Mention :  Reza Akbarpour,  Amirali Danaei  (Iran)  Appendix

BEST ACTRESS :   Ritwika Pal  (India) Kia and Cosmos

Special Mention :   Hediyeh Tehrani (Iran) Orange Days

BEST PHOTOGRAPHY  :    Chananun Chotrungroj (Vietnam) The Third Wife

BEST MUSIC :     Rachita Arora (India)  Kaamyaab

BEST SOUND DESIGN :   Kaamyaab (Hardik Mehta)  India

BEST SCRIPT :  Hosein Namazi (Iran)  Appendix

BEST EDITION :   Ali Aga (Turkey)  Daha


BEST DIRECTOR DEBUT :   Indraadip Das Gupta (India)  Kedara

BEST SHORT FILM :   Donde no puedes llegar  (Marc Nadal)  Spain

Special Mention :

          I, REBORN (Manoj A Michigan)  India





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