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Public Service Broadcasting Trust

Films selected for Imagineindia 2021

Prison Diaries (Uma Chakravarti)  India

Sharmila Tagore (Umang Sabarwal)  India

Films selected for Imagineindia 2020

Moti Bagh (Nirmal Chander)  India

The Geshema is Born (Malati Rao)  India

Missing Days (Ekta Mittal) India

Films selected for Imagineindia 2019

Decoding Shankar (Deepti Pillai Sivan)  India

The Death of Us (Vani Subramanian)  India

India,s Healing Forests (Nitin Das)  India

Mrinal Sen, an Era in Cinema (Rajdeep Paul)  India

FILMS SELECTED for Imagineindia 2018

Veil Done (Juhi Bhatt)  India

Ek Inquilab Aur Aaya (Uma Chakravarti)  India

The Sound of Silence (Bina Paul)  India

FILMS SELECTED for Imagineindia 2017 :

Shaadi, Sex aur Parivaar (Aman Kaleem)  India.  (PSBT)

Until Space Remains  (Gaurav Saxena)  India. (PSBT)

The Books We Made  (Anupama Chandra, Uma Tanuku)  India. (PSBT)

Public Service Broadcasting Trust is a pioneering non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation based in New Delhi, India, that commissions, mentors and produces independent documentary films. Founded in 2000, to empower filmmakers, democratise access to the media and encourage the freedom of expression, the unique organisation has supported and nurtured over 500 independent voices and created around 700 documentaries on myriad themes and subjects. Films produced by PSBT have been selected by professional juries at over 1870 film festivals worldwide and received over 330 awards internationally.

PSBT’s mandate includes supporting young and starting out talent and celebrating the regional, geographic and linguistic diversity of a complex nation. It attempts to enhance public discourses on socio-political realities and provides filmmakers the impetus to engage with their art, creativity, politics and philosophies. Its catalogue of films addresses a range of concerns, including development, human rights, conflict, gender and sexuality, livelihood, environment, literature, democracy, diversity, culture and tradition, art and crafts, among others.

PSBT films are telecast every week on the national public broadcaster – Doordarshan – and its associate channels and on other channels such as NDTV24x7, The Epic Channel, Channel 4, BBC, Discovery, Arte and Lok Sabha Television. A large body of PSBT films are available on its YouTube channel PSBTIndia.

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