Shivamma (Jaishankar Aryar) India. Official Section

Jaishankar Aryar
India. 2022. 104 min

Shivamma (46), a mother of two and the wife of an ailing bedridden husband, works as a government school mid-day meal cook in a small village. She is the only active working member of her family.
Her entire family is in the process of finding a suitable groom for her daughter, though she has her own affair running alongside. Shivamma is introduced to a nutritional product and, looking at it miraculously bettering her husband condition, she tries to explore it further and learns about its network marketing scheme and its financial benefits. Getting highly inspired at a motivational event, she decides to take the risk of setting up her own nutritional club, putting everything at stake. But one unfortunate event derails all her attempts and also threatens her daughter’s wedding. Despite all the opposition and the blame from her own family, Shivamma’s determination stays unaltered.


Jaishankar is a Filmmaker and an IT engineer from Bangalore, India. “Shivamma” is his debut feature film which was a part of NFDC Film Bazaar Work-in-Progress lab 2022 where it won the Prasad Lab DI Award and Movie buff Appreciation Award. His short film “Lacchavva” won special mention at Mumbai international film festival 2020.
It also won Toto awards 2020, Best film in Bangalore international short film festival 2019 and many other awards. The Short film is part of a Kannada anthology “Kathasangama” (available on amazon prime).


Shivamma, is an humble attempt to portray the life of Shivamma who hails from the village of North Karnataka. Film adapts the fly on the wall approach with its ensembling cast comprising of non actors and set in the authentic rural backdrop, geared with highly skilled crew who are well versed in guerrilla style of filmmaking. “ Shivamma” tries to lay the ladder into the psyche of the character who is well determined about her believed agenda to uplift the socio-economic condition of her family.