Danny Goes Aum (Sandeep Mohan) India

Danny Goes Aum
Sandeep Mohan
India. 2022. 103 min

A spiritual and emotional journey of a burned out British video editor Danny, as he travels to the same beach town in Goa (India) where his hippie parents had met back in the 70’s during the heydays of hippiedom.


With roots in Kerala, born in Jabalpur in Central India, and having lived in various cities in India, Sandeep Mohan is an independent filmmaker who currently resides in Mumbai. He has written and directed Love,Wrinkle-free (2011), Hola Venky (2014), Shreelancer (2017), Nirmal.
Anand ki Puppy (2021), and his latest Danny goes Aum (2022) which he has also produced. Sandeep’s films are known among the independent cinema loving audience for their engaging character-led stories. Travelling on the path of pure independence has been at the core of his filmmaking philosophy. It is the absolute freedom that comes with this approach that has allowed him to keep making films that he believes in without losing the direct connection with his inner voice. He is also the founder of an experimental indie-distribution concept which he calls ‘The Great Indian Travelling Cinema”.


Over the years, I have developed warm friendships with some frequent travellers here, some ex-hippies, artists, spiritual seekers who frequent India at least for a few months every year. I have heard stories from old hippies about how they used to come here overland during the late 60’s and early 70’s. To imagine the spirit of adventure of these people to travel long distances in those days by bus or minivans through the tough terrains of Europe and US to India via Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan was incredible. Inspired, I dug in deep and immersed myself in that era as I wanted to get the hippie vibe into this contemporary film that I wanted to make. Beatles had been to India in the late 60’s.
Rumours about George Harrison having been to Goa made me listen to his songs and I still turn to his music for inspiration, especially his collaboration with the Indian maestro Ravi Shankar.