Bad Egg (Mehak Jamal) India

Bad Egg
Mehak Jamal
India. 2022. 28 min

Zoya receives a disturbing call from her mother – her sister Zara has gone missing during the pandemic. Surprisingly, Zoya isn’t rattled enough. She’s hiding something, all of which leads back to the fateful night of a party. Throughout the film, Zoya interacts with her surroundings as if she’s re-calibrating to them. As the plot unravels, so does she. In this story, appearances can be very deceiving.


Mehak Jamal is a film maker from Srinagar, Kashmir and her focus is in screenwriting and direction. Mehak likes to tell stories about interpersonal relationships and has always been interested in exploring shades of grey.
Mehak has co-written the feature film called ‘Love Hostel’ and written for the web series Never Kiss Your Best Friend. She is currently working on a show for Disney.
Mehak is a Writing Fellow at South Asia Speaks 2022—a literary mentorship programme. She is writing her book called ‘Loal Kashmir’ under the mentorship of journalist Rahul Bhatia. She has always wanted to tell stories from her homeland, and Loal Kashmir is the beginning of that.

Mehak was a screenwriting fellow for Film Independent’s Global Media Maker’s Programme in 2021. She was a Film Fellow at the Dharamshala International Film Festival (2016) through her graduation film Currency of Paisleys. Her student short film, In My Own Skin, was showcased at the Kashish-Mumbai International Queer Film Festival in 2017. Mehak has worked as a script supervisor on several feature films, including The Sweet Requiem (2018), Chuskit (2018), and The Disciple (2021).

She holds a Bachelors of Creative Arts in Film from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore (2016).


I have always been interested in telling stories that conceal something in plain sight. I get excited when the viewer realises that they could have understood what was going on all along, only if they had looked a bit closer. In Bad Egg, my protagonist seems to be hiding something, but it is more than what meets the eye. Through this film, I want to play hide and seek with the viewers. There are many layers to this cinematic onion, and they get to peel them layer by layer. After all, what’s more exhilarating than a mystery waiting to be solved.