Atiye and Hesam win Second Prize in Documentaries at Imagineindia 2021

Atiye Attarzadeh and Hesam Eslami win the Second Prize at Imagineindia 2021 for the film The Marriage Project.


Atieh Attarzadeh holds a BA and Master in Cinema studies from the University of Tehran as well as a Master in documentary practice at the University of Bristol. She directed three short documentary films, “40 days of pine” (in a mental home – 2016), “17 years old” (2014) and “I am an ordinary woman” (2010). She is also a writer and her works are published at the prestigious Cheshmeh editing house: “Ride the horse in a half of yourself” (2015 – poetry book) and “The guide to dying with herbs” (2016 – novel).

2014 The 17s
2016 Forty days of pine


Hesam Eslami (b1982, Ahwaz, Iran) got his BFA and MA in cinema from Tehran University of Art. Hesam has studied with Abbas Kiarostami and Asghar Farhadi and is influenced by their cinematic style. Since 2009 he started to work as editor and director. Juvenile offenders and social damages are the main themes of his work. He is also the editor of the acclaimed feature film, Mourning (2011).

In 2017 he made his first feature-length documentary, 20th Circuit Suspects selected in 2017 Hot Docs FF among several other festivals.
In 2020 his second documentary feature produced with Etienne de Ricaud and co-directed with Atieh Attarzadeh The Marriage Project was selected at Thessaloniki and Visions du Réel and 20 other festivals.