Mehdi Rahmani, Jury member at Imagineindia 2020

Mehdi Rahmani will be Jury Member at the 19th edition of Imagineindia International Film Festival to take place in Madrid on 17 – 31 May 2020.

The Iranian director and producer was born in 1979. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Iranian Cinema and Broadcasting university-Tehran as a director and made 18 short films and documentaries.

He started to make feature film from 2009 and made 4 feature films as a director and produced 3 feature films and participated in many film festivals around the world and won prizes such as Best Children Feature Film in Asia Pacific Awards, Best Film in Avanca Film Festival, Jury prize in IBBAF Film Festival, Best documentary in Noor Film Festival and many more.

Born:  1979 -Iran
Based :  San Francisco/USA
Graduated in filmmaking from I.R.I.B. University.
Professional Activities:
Member of Directors Guild of Iranian Cinema (DGIR) 2009-Present
Member of The Film Producers Guild of Iran(FPG)2013-Present
Member of Iranian Documentary Filmmakers’ Society”(IRDFA) 2oo6-Present
Member of European Documentary Filmmakers’ Society (EDN)
Member of Iranian Young Cinema Society 1998-Present
Member of Iran Cinema Academy Awards
Juries member for “Children and Young People International Film
Festival” in Esfahan-Iran 2003-2004
The head of juries in 10th Tehran International Short Film Festival
Jury member in Avanca international film festival 2011
President of Green Road Films Company , USA

Documentary & Short Films:
The Boys of Autumn
The Bridges Ballads
The Moonlight Prayer
The Border Zone
The Smell of Tresses

Feature Films:
The Other(Digari) -2010/ Director & Set Custom and Designer
Private (Penhan) – 2012/ Writer, Director
Barf (Snow) – 2014/ Writer, Director and Producer
Boarding Pass(Karte Parvaz)-2017/ Writer, Director and Producer