Imagineindia 2016 Awards

BEST  FILM :                                                                                                                 RAUF  (Soner Caner , Baris Caya)  Turkey

BEST  DIRECTOR :                                                                                                   HANNA  POLAK (Something better to come)  Denmark, Poland           RUCHIKA  OBEROI (Island City)  India

BEST  ACTRESS :                                                                                               TANISHTA  CHATTERJEE (Island City) India

BEST  ACTOR :                                                                                                     RAGHUVIR  YADAV (The Silence)  India

BEST PHOTOGRAPHY :                                                                                     VEDAT  ÖZDEMIR (Rauf)  Turkey

BEST   MUSIC :                                                                                                       RICHARD  FORD (Radio Set) India

BEST CHILD ACTOR :                                                                                             ALEN HUSEYIN GURSO  (Rauf) Turkey                                                                 ALI AKBAR SAHRAIE (The sea and the flying fish)  Iran

BEST  SHORT :                                                                                                                       MOUSSE (John Hellberg)  Sweden

SPECIAL  RECOGNITION  :                                                                                           TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES (TISS)  India

The festival pays lot of attention to gender issues. So we are obligued to add this text of Nishta Jain and Nagraj Manjule :

Nagraj Manjule’s words have stayed etched in my mind since I read them a couple of weeks ago after the release of his film Sairat. His words ring true especially in the context of the men and women of our elite institutions denying the charges of widely prevalent misogyny. It might be well worth for all of us to pay attention to his words. Rarely a man has spoken so honestly on the subject of men’s treatment of women. It requires rare courage to speak this:

“I am tired of this world created by men, ruined by men. I want a woman now to build the world or mess it up. I also realise that a woman is the Dalit in every case. Even when you look at savarnas [forward castes], the woman is secondary. Even a Dalit man would look down upon a savarna woman. Yet, the fact is that half the world is populated by women. We are fighting small fights — Hindus versus Muslims, Dalits versus upper castes. Gender is the bigger battle. I am tired of the man within me. I also want to change. You get unconsciously trapped in male values. You are superior only because you happen to be a man. I want a break from this male-dominated world.”