David Serrano (Actor, writer)

David Serrano, born in 1975 in Madrid, felt from very young his love for films and made his first short film with friends at only  fifteen years. His first short entitled “Cinnamon skin” (1995), made the producers to focus on this film, already  awarded at various festivals.

Enrolled in the Faculty of information sciences, writing his first script at the same time and studying the career he did not complete, because of the extraordinary success of his first script for “The other side of the bed” (2002), and led him to write more scripts  which also would triumph in the film  industry as “Futbol days” (2003) ,  finally nominated for the Goya Award as best novel director. Also it was his  script “The 2 sides of the bed” (2005), continuation of the previous film.

He did not abandon his career as director writing the script and directing “Film days” (2007) and the  more recent one : “One hour more in the Canary Islands” (2010), in line with his successful musical comedies in film and theatre. His latest film is “We need to talk” (with Michelle Jenner, Verónica Forqué or Hugo Silva).

Theirs are also the scripts for some of the Spanish musicals  in recent years as “Hoy no me puedo levantar” (2005) or “More than one hundred lies” (2001). Also he worked as producer Diego París, at the suburbs of New York and as Assistant Director of Andrés Lima. (In the photo).

In 2004, with 29 years he became the artistic director of “Nuevo Teatro Alcalá”, also known as María Guerrero, to schedule only young Spanish authors.

David Serrano is one of the most promising spanish director to be followed up.