Old Men Never Die (Reza Jamali) Iran

Old Men Never Die
Reza Jamali
Iran.  2019.  85 min

Aslan, a former hangman, left his home in fear of retaliation from the families of the criminals he killed and moved to a remote village far into the north-western mountains of Iran.  A physically crooked old man, his arrival at the village 45 years ago has since brought the life of its inhabitants to a halt; the men have all continued to age but have yet to die.  Aslan, at the age of 100, is one of many centenarians in the village and like the others, he is tired of living.  As they lament over not having married, not having any children, the local undertaker going out of business and generally being tired of life, word of their situation has spread to other villages and attracted others looking to extend their own lifespans.


Born in Ardebil, Iran in 1978, Reza Jamali is a filmmaking graduate. He has made many short films which have been screened at national and international film festivals and have won many awards.  Old Man Never Dies is his debut feature film.




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